First Impulse can help you create a safer work environment by designing and installing a surveillance system customized to your needs.

Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, or both, professional surveillance systems are proven to reduce theft and vandalism. First Impulse uses cutting-edge, easy-to-use technologies, providing the perfect surveillance system to meet your needs.

The importance of professional installation is all too often overlooked by those investing in a surveillance system. A system’s effectiveness is frequently determined by seemingly small details. For example, the type of camera used, whether it’s a bullet, dome, or Hi-Def camera, should be appropriate for the area it is intended to surveil. A big, obviously-placed camera will deter theft when placed at the front of a building, but the same camera would be obtrusive and unsightly in a business office.

Regardless of a project’s size and specifications, First Impulse takes pride in designing and installing top-of-the-line surveillance systems that are customized to your needs. Our work will help keep whatever is important to you safe and secure.