Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)

A structured cabling system, or SCS, is the infrastructure that allows for comprehensive telecommunications.

Made up of cabling and hardware, an SCS is distributed throughout a facility, and connects workstations and field devices to their supporting network.

Structured cabling is essential anywhere a central voice or data system needs to be distributed to multiple users.

A well-designed SCS will increase connection speed, ensure security within the system and allow users to appropriately manage their network communication. Depending on the requirements of a specific environment, one or all of these may be essential to maintaining smooth and productive day-to-day operations. All, however, can be accomplished by installing the appropriate SCS for a particular space or organization.

At First Impulse, every SCS we design is unique. But, regardless of environment, our primary goal is to install a system that is seamless and unobtrusive, leaving our customers with a finished product that is both beautiful and functional.