Sound Masking

Whether in a home, office, or medical setting, First Impulse has the professional knowledge to design, install, and fine-tune a sound masking system that will meet the specific needs of your business.

Sound masking covers up unwanted sounds and occupational noise by introducing a subtle ambient sound into an environment. Created by digital generators and distributed through unobtrusive speakers, sound masking creates a random, uniform sound that stays at a decibel level within a range of frequency similar to typical human speech. At this frequency, the masking sound overrides incoming and outgoing speech, increasing the privacy of a work environment, and eliminates auditory distractions, increasing productivity as well.

A sound masking system must be carefully tuned to each environment. If a system is set too loud or at the wrong frequency, the effect on occupants may be the opposite of that which was intended. This is largely determined by room and building acoustics. This includes a spaces size, shape and the materials with which it was built. Even the furniture in a room can alter the effectiveness of a sound masking system.